Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Home

Hi everyone!

This is my first official post for my new blog!! Like I said in my last full post at Sweet&Dainty, the next time I would be blogging would be from my not-yet-found apartment in New York.  Well, I'm sitting here in apartment 4RW for the first time on my own. It's crazy to think that I am now a resident of New York City and starting my first official job tomorrow!  I'm still trying to take everything in at the moment, and I'm so happy that I can calmly sit down and share my thoughts with you here.

This moment is truly bittersweet and a testament to my willfulness to broaden my horizons and create more open doors for my future.  This morning when I parted with my parents one last time, the feeling was different than the feeling I had going off to college.  Before, I knew I would get breaks to come home as well as see my family at functions that the school had to offer that would give them an excuse to come visit me, but this time I knew it wasn't going to be this way.  The thought of not seeing them isn't what made me emotional, it was the idea of this huge change in my life, that the work I have done has finally paid off, and the fact that I could have never have done any of it without them there to love and support me in every decision I made along the way. The fact that they were ready to fully let go and know that they have also fulfilled something great with me, was touching, and I feel so grateful and blessed.

There is also that feeling we get when we are home, where we were raised, and I will miss that feeling, but I know as long as I have my family, they will bring back home to me because wherever they are is where home is to me. The same goes with my friends from home as well. As long as I still have them in reach through communication, they will be another little piece of home that I take away wherever I am.

With all of this said, I am ready to share my journey and experiences in the city with you. I know there is plenty here to keep me inspired!

Here's a little peek of my studio! I'm pretty much all settled in. I've added only a few small personal touches with a blanket, a few candles, a little framed embroidery piece, and a couple of hand-made pals from my sister.  I'm still in the works of gathering a few more little things to make it feel more like a home.

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