Saturday, October 29, 2011

My First Snow in New York

Two days ago, the heat kicked on in my apartment for the first time. It was one of the coldest days since I've been here, and it was raining. I came in and I could hear the steam heater sizzling and bubbling. I'm used to gas heat, but I kind of like the sound the steam heaters give off. It's like the heater is saying "hey, it's time for me to make you warm after a long walk in the cold." Haha, anyway, I thought to myself, this is a sign. The cold is coming.

I heard the sound of my heater popping really loudly early this morning and couldn't figure out why it was so loud.  When it stopped I could hear the faint sound of what  I thought was rain.  I didn't raise the blinds because I've seen rain plenty of times and didn't feel like looking out at it once more after my walk in it this past week.  I was pondering about the holidays and wondering what my work schedule would be so I could book a flight home.  I called my friend Tracy who also works at Martha to ask her about details.  The first thing she said when she picked up the phone was "It's snowing".  I said, "What!" I spastically pulled the blinds up on the nearest window to me and couldn't believe it. It was really snowing. Snow in October. I couldn't believe it.  It was coming down so fast, but not sticking.  If you looked at the ground it looked like it was just raining, but when you looked up, it was snow.

It is still snowing right now. The heaviness comes and goes in waves. When  the bigger flakes come down is when it's of course the prettiest, and it looks like it falls a little bit slower. Then there are short lulls of what looks like rain. Maybe it's a mixture? Anyway, it's still really pretty to watch.  I tried to take several pictures and videos, but my camera couldn't capture it! I'll just leave it to your imagination and let my description speak for itself.  Woah, I just heard thunder. Thunder and snow at the same time? Definitely a first.

Cheers, to my first snow in New York! (with a little thunder)  Time for some tea. Yum.

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