Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Treats!

For some odd reason, I was craving some really good cupcakes, specifically Back in the Day Bakery cupcakes that I get to have in Savannah. I guess the lack of those scrumptious cupcakes was the reasoning for my craving, so I decided to make some. My family had a tin of old-fashioned vanilla cupcake mix that had never been used, so I used it to make the batter. Of course, the icing is what makes a cupcake, so I made my own. I eyeballed the amount of butter and confectioners sugar, and added a tad bit of water. Once I got the consistency I wanted, I added some red food dye to make them pink, and then topped it off with flat circular sugar sprinkles! The look of these cupcakes are inspired by Back in the Day Bakery's old-fashioned cupcakes (via Shabby Scraps). These of course weren't a comparison in taste, but they were still yummy and a perfect treat for me and my family's weekend.

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