Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jane Cumberbatch

Today I was out and about getting some last minute things before I leave for Savannah, and made a run in to T.J. Maxx (you never know what you'll find!) I was looking at different books they had setting out and came across a book called Decorating Easy, by Jane Cumberbatch. The images of the interiors inside the book were so beautiful and contained many lovely little DIY projects and ideas. I thought, "Wow, I really need to look her up!" Many of you might have already heard of her, but those who haven't like myself, I am happy to enlighten you!

Jane is an interior decorator, and has been a decorating editor, journalist, and style director of various leading publications, one being Elle Decoration. Jane's style consists of her own little "ingredients" and reflects a very simple and natural feel. You can check out the range of simple products she is currently developing at her Pure Style website. You can also visit her blog, PureBlog, which is so refreshing with gorgeous images. Recently, Elle Decoration has voted her blog one of the best style blogs on the web. Very impressive.

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