Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend Weaving Experience!

So I must say, I am really enjoying the weaving process. Our assignment this past weekend was to experiment with different materials. I used thick twine, plastic rope and i dissected it to show different variations, I used natural multi-colored wool yarn, ribbon, and then I used white roving and alternated it with mercerized cotton twine. My favorite was putting the roving in because it bubbled up through the warp giving it a gorgeous texture! We were only to do 5 materials 2 inches for each, but I didn't want to stop!


  1. Yay! Such a beautiful process!!! Lovely warp and lovely weaving!!! Wish you lived closer, I've always got weaving you could do!! :) xo Cait

  2. Hi Andrea, great to read that you're enjoying the process. Its so exciting to learn something new for the first time. How many shafts are you using?

  3. Your weave looks amazing!! It looks beautiful :D


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