Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Salutations

Hi everyone. I'm back for a couple days because I missed out on one of my retreats. I'm a little sick at the moment, but hoping to get better by the time this weekend is over with. It's so not fun being sick. I finally got everything moved in a couple days ago and I'm just resting for the time being. I've made some before shots of my room, and when I get everything up on my walls I'll take some after shots to share with you guys! It's so quiet in the apartment right now. My roommates won't be in until the 10th, and I prefer having people around to talk to, so I'm a little on the lonely side right now. But no worries, I've got blogging to keep me sane!

I am definitely happy and excited to say that this is my first post from Savannah, and I will be sharing loads of experiences and inspiration with you while I'm here for the next couple years! Too bad I wasn't in-the-know with blogging when I first arrived here two years ago, but timely things happen for a reason, and I think the knowledge of blogging appeared to me at the perfect time.

Anyways, I would like to share some photography with you by Axel & Moa. The photography was shared with me by a dear fellow friend and blogger, Megan Kiehna, who is also currently making her journey as a becoming fiber artist in Savannah, and has begun her new Emmie Kay blog. I would love for you all to check it out! It is full of various themes throughout the week, and treats you to her take on yummy recipes, adorable crafts, sweet little weddings, and fabulous vintage fashion.

Ulrica Wihiborg is the photographer of Axel & Moa. She gets her inspiration from her "Scandanavian sensibilities and love for clean organic lines." I love the feel of her work. It is so light and lovely, and portrays many emotions of love, innocence, growth, and relationships. She also has shots of different objects that she has made absolutely beautiful through her photography. She has recently been selected for Rangefinder magazine's 2009 August Portrait issue. Congratulations Ulrica! Click here to read the the article, Swedish Summer Days.


  1. I totally understand how lonely it can get without roommates. I was living alone for 3 weeks! It was definitely new and different, but it was also a great time of reflection and relaxation. It'll whiz by!

  2. You are too sweet! Thanks for the shout-out!


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