Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rus Anson

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the work of Rus Anson. Rus is a fine art fashion photographer from Barcelona. Her work consists of fantastical portrayals of her own daydreams, and I think she has done it beautifully.  Anson's work is gorgeous, captivating, and sophisticated with a surreal twist.  Her goal of allowing the viewer to escape away from the real world is definitely successful in her work.  These images are on a tiny little snippet of what she does. I can't get over how beautiful and luminous the lighting is in her photography.  She captures everything from fashion and fantasy, to lifestyle and video.


This video Violet, is adorable. The lighting, again, is so beautiful just like her photography.  I interpret this video as the innocence in seeing things the way we imagine them.  The visions through the eyes of a child are so spectacular, and a perfect way to convey how she still sees things. I appreciate Anson's ability to still be able to see this way and share it with the world.  Sometimes I wish I could find my imagination again and live in a land where knights, princesses, and dragons existed.   As an adult, Anson's work reminds me that it's still okay to have a magical imagination when it comes to our own take of the world.

Violet from rus anson on Vimeo.

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