Sunday, May 9, 2010


Wow, I am so excited that I was able to spend an entire week in Paris.  It was exhausting, exciting, exhilarating, and crazy! Everyone there dresses beautifully.  All of the women that walked by had amazing shoes, and were dressed like they were ready walk a runway. These people were easy to pick out from tourists such as myself.  I wish I the Sartorialist was there shooting, but as all you Sartorialist fans out there know, he has been shooting in Tokoyo. Bummer.

The food was great, and the shopping was amazing! I got a really cute shirt at a little boutique called Suncoo,  I am especially proud of the little knick-knacks I purchased at a flea market that last day I was there.

I found really cute sac to keep sewing supplies in. I also bought some old postcards in a bundle of 50 for 10 euro. Many of them were used with salutations in French. I love finding things like this.  These used to belong to someone! I wonder who they were and what the relationships were between the person sending and the person receiving?   I also got some buttons, mending wool, a small bundle of floral fabric samples and a few buckles to use for future projects.  The third photo is a booklet of motifs that was used as samples for wall paper.  They are all hand painted!
 These shoes are like the "TOMS" of France. I know they are espadrilles, but their shape are like TOMS and everyone has a pair.   They are only 7 euro, very comfy, and very French.

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  1. Finely We are here Andrea! I can't wait to see you, I love your rockin' new shoes too! This little city seems so cramped up and cute. I can't wait to get me a pair of the French "TOMS" shoes!!!


    Your sis,


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