Thursday, April 1, 2010


I've only been in France for a week and I've already been to Bonnieux twice, Apt, and Gordes. Bonnieux is such a strenuous walk. It's about 4 miles, and lets just say it's nothing like being in Savannah where everything is nice and flat. There will be pictures to come of these places. Here are a few around the village.  I still can't believe I'm going to be living here for another 7 weeks.  The beauty hypnotizes you, making you never want to leave.  Feel free to visit the blog I'm keeping for my photo class! I just made my first post. I still have a little more things to add on the side as well. You will be able find more here about my travels and what I'm learning as far as the history and culture of France.
 This bridge is called the Pont St. Julien, which is 3000 years old. We got the privilege of having a picnic lunch here!

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