Thursday, December 3, 2009

CAD Projects

Ok so I FINALLY get to relax and post some of my work! Here are some patterns I created in my CAD surface design class. Let me know what you think!

This project was a texture mapping project for furniture. We were to make patterns inspired by a news article that we found. I found an article in National Geographic about a graphic research team at the University of Washington that is designing a program to build 3D cities out of images taken from flickr. A lot of the buildings they have replicated from the images are from Rome (click here to view the article). My patterns were inspired by the elaborate motifs in Roman architecture for this project. The title of my theme is "Imperial Escape". This was presented in pdf format. I couldn't get the pdf pages on here so you could see the professional presentation, so this is the best I could do as of now.

(You can see more views of these in my portfolio.)

This project is my final. We were free to make any pattern we wanted and texture map them on to any surface and then present them in a powerpoint. My patterns are inspired by French and vintage styles. I mainly looked at French furniture to get inspiration and sketched my life away. I've always wanted to create a damask, so that's why I created one for my main pattern and then I created a stripe for a coordinate. I was so excited to put these onto stationery because it is one of my loves! I used the damask pattern to go on the cards and then used the coordinate as a fun surprise on the inside of the envelopes.

Copyright Andrea Yu 2009


  1. Hi Andrea, thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. I love the patterns and the damasks, and the lovely subtle colours you've chosen. The interior looks very relaxing, and the stationery is so pretty! All the best with your finals and I'm sure you'll achieve fantastic marks!


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